Sprout Social review and its best alternative

  • Great UI design;
  • Advanced contact discovery and management options;
  • Integration with most popular social media websites;
  • Great customer support.
  • Confusing software navigation;
  • No option to connect Google + personal profiles;
  • No option to post on forums and blogs;
  • YouTube is not supported;
  • No keyword groups tracking;
  • Poor integration with Google + and LinkedIn.

Sprout Social is multi-purpose software for monitoring, publishing and measuring one's social media efforts. The software is pricier than other social media management platforms (from $39 to $99 per month), but advocates its great design, advanced social media communication, and professional customer support.

The software's setup consists of the Home dashboard that lets get a quick snapshot of one's social accounts, and several tabs for monitoring, publishing, scheduling and reporting on social media campaigns.

Sprout Social's contact book customization is a very useful option that lets users add custom notes and view past interactions with specific people.

However, the software is missing some really essential features. Sprout Social is incapable of tracking mentions for specific groups of keywords, can't monitor website/brand mentions on forums, blogs, Q&A sites and interact with video sharing platforms.

Also, the software's interface may be rather confusing. Users have to go back and forth to see mentions and interactions, as they are separated in different workspaces.

Below is the side-by-side review of Sprout Social and its best alternative:

Sprout Social BuzzBundle
General features
Tracking keyword mentions in all possible types of social media sources - +
Saving history of social media communications + +
Managing different social media accounts in one app + +
Creating new accounts inside of the app - +
Switching between different profiles of the same social network - +
Sharing posts from all profiles - +
Geo targeting - +
Customizable workspaces + +
Data safety and account security + +
Link shortening feature + +
Q&A sites, Blogs and Forums
Blog commenting - +
Forum posting - +
Posting to Yahoo! answers - +
Scheduling commenting - +
Sending tweets + +
Scheduling Tweets + +
Sending direct Twitter messages + +
Retweeting + +
Twitter replies + +
Best time to tweet report - -
Updating Facebook statuses, posting pictures + +
Sharing - +
Facebook 'likes' + +
Posting to Facebook business pages + +
Scheduling Facebook posts + +
Unlimited number of posts to schedule - +
Sending private messages + +
Sending messages from a Facebook business page + +
Google +
Google+ personal profile posting - +
Google+ Pages pages management + +
+1s - +
Posting replies - +
Scheduling posts + +
Scheduling replies - +
Posting status updates + +
Liking and sharing posts - +
Scheduling posts + +
Comment posting - +
Direct messages - +
Commenting - +
Video 'likes' and 'dislikes' - +
Posting video to a YouTube channel - +
Scheduling posting videos and comments - +
Keep track of your subscribers list - +
Competition analysis - +
SMM reports + +

The main advantages of BuzzBundle are:

  • Deep integration with all popular social media websites;
  • YouTube integration;
  • The ability to create and manage multiple social media profiles;
  • The ability to track keyword groups mentions;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Customizability;
  • Advanced scheduler options;
  • And dozens more.

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