Powerful features FOR SMM Marketing

BuzzBundle has each and every feature needed for social media management.
Look through the top-important features listed below and download the software to try them all with your own hands!


Unlimited personas and social profiles

Join discussions all over the Web as various people representing your company, or loyal customers, or whoever you wish to act like. You can add an unlimited number of social accounts to each persona.


Add existing and create brand new social profiles

You can add all the existing profiles to BuzzBundle to continue your ongoing social media campaign. No need to leave this social tool for any purpose: you can create new social profiles right from the workplace in seconds.


Easy switching between profiles

No need to log in and out, no multiple browser windows and tabs! Change personas and profiles to post from in seconds. Act like different people and in several social networks from one workplace.


Broad social media coverage

The broadest list of social media to work with is at your service. Use BuzzBundle to perform the most versatile campaign with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, forums, blogs, and Q7A websites.


Publish messages in social accounts

BuzzBundle as a complex social tool allows you to post comments and replies, posts, retweets and private messages without leaving the workspace. It may attach images and will shorten URLs if needed.


Gather all brand mentions under one roof

Track your brand, company, products and services mentions. Use groups of keywords to organize your search results in a proper way. Find where people are talking about you and join the conversations.


Optimize workflow

Schedule any number of posts and announcements for them to appear when needed to create a particular impact on your audience. Schedule tasks for finding more buzz on your keywords and receiving private messages to get the information needed right on time.


Use proxies

BuzzBundle allows using proxies for hiding actual location and has proxy rotation feature to switch between proxies during checks.

Use favorites to tick the most important posts and dialogs and keep an eye on them. Add notes to your activities to organize your publications in a proper way.


Flexible working area

Organize your workspace by adding and editing streams and applying various filters to work with particular posts. Use favorites to tick the most important posts and dialogs and keep an eye on them.

And much more!

Just get your hands on this fantastic tool and see for yourself how quick, easy and effective your backlink research can be.