Engagor review and its best alternative

  • Advanced search options;
  • Highly-customizable working area;
  • Extensive social media analytics;
  • Support of a wide range of social media websites;
  • Good customer care service.
  • Price (up to €3000 per month);
  • Limitations on the # of social media profiles and tracked mentions (depends on a pricing plan);
  • No option to comments on forums and blogs;
  • No option to post to Yahoo! Answers;
  • Only basic integration with YouTube.
  • Overwhelming and confusing default workspace.

Engagor is an online-based SMM platform designed for medium- and large-sized Enterprises. The prices are ranging from €500 to €3000 per month.

The software supports a wide scope of social media websites, has the capacity to monitor conversations and brand mentions on forums, blogs, Q&A sites, video websites, etc.

However, despite its extremely high price, the software still lacks some important features. Check out the detailed side-by-side review of Engagor and its best alternative.

Engagor BuzzBundle
General features
Tracking keyword mentions in all possible types of social media sources + +
Saving history of social media communications + +
Managing different social media accounts in one app + +
Creating new accounts inside of the app - +
Switching between different profiles of the same social network - +
Sharing posts from all profiles + +
Geo targeting + +
Customizable workspaces + +
Data safety and account security + +
Link shortening feature + +
Q&A sites, Blogs and Forums
Blog commenting - +
Forum posting - +
Posting to Yahoo! answers - +
Scheduling commenting - +
Sending tweets + +
Scheduling Tweets + +
Sending direct Twitter messages + +
Retweeting + +
Twitter replies + +
Best time to tweet report + -
Updating Facebook statuses, posting pictures + +
Sharing - +
Facebook 'likes' + +
Posting to Facebook business pages + +
Scheduling Facebook posts + +
Unlimited number of posts to schedule - +
Sending private messages + +
Sending messages from a Facebook business page + +
Google +
Google+ personal profile posting + +
+1s - +
Posting replies - +
Scheduling posts + +
Scheduling replies - +
Posting status updates + +
Liking and sharing posts - +
Scheduling posts + +
Comment posting + +
Direct messages - +
Commenting + +
Video 'likes' and 'dislikes' - +
Posting video to a YouTube channel - +
Scheduling posting videos and comments - +
Keep track of your subscribers list + +
Competition analysis + +
SMM reports + +

As you can see, Engagor misses some important options like the ability to comment on mentions that were found on forums and blogs, interact with Q&A and video sites, rate content found on Google +, etc. But anyway, it is rather powerful SMM tool for social media monitoring and analysis.

The price of the software, however, may be out of reach for the majority of small business owners and SMM freelancers. The Basic package costs €250 and offers only 2 user accounts, 5 topics and 25 social profiles, which is too little even for the basic SMM needs.

As for the Professional and Enterprise solutions, they offer more flexibility but the prices are still very steep. The packages are available for €1000 and €1700 per month.

In comparison with Engagor, BuzzBundle is a lot more cost-effective solution. For a one-time $199* license fee you will enjoy:

  • The ability to monitor as many social media accounts as you need;
  • Unlimited profile management;
  • Unlimited social media tracking;
  • Advanced scheduler;
  • Deep integration with a wide range of social media websites;
  • Competition tracking;
  • And a lot more.

Though priced a lot cheaper, BuzzBundle goes far behind Engagor in terms of integration with popular social media sources, which makes it a lot more cost-effective solution for your business.

Get a copy of BuzzBundle now and manage your SMM like a pro!