Buffer review and its best alternative

  • User-friendly interface;
  • Advanced options for scheduled posting;
  • Browser extensions.
  • No option to monitor social mentions;
  • No way to manage social media communications;
  • No option to post to forums and blogs;
  • No integration with YouTube;
  • Limited integration with Google+ and LinkedIn.

Buffer is a Web-based social media content management app that was primarily designed for sharing posts across popular social media sites. Also, it has a browser extension that can be integrated into RSS readers, Twitter, Chrome, SocialBro, Wordpress, and other tools for discovering content.

Basically, Buffer makes it simple to spread social content across social media sites. The tool, however, doesn't have powerful dashboards for monitoring social media presence and can't boast deep integration with popular social media platforms.

In a word, Buffer is a good tool for content management. But it is not a one-stop solution for social media marketing. Thus, if you're looking to better handle your social media accounts, you need a more advanced and feature-rich SMM app.

Below is a side-by-side review of Buffer and its best alternative.

Buffer BuzzBundle
General features
Tracking keyword mentions in all possible types of social media sources - +
Saving history of social media communications - +
Managing different social media accounts in one app + +
Creating new accounts inside of the app + +
Switching between different profiles of the same social network + +
Sharing posts from all profiles + +
Geo targeting - +
Customizable workspaces - +
Data safety and account security + +
Link shortening feature + +
Q&A sites, Blogs and Forums
Blog commenting - +
Forum posting - +
Posting to Yahoo! answers - +
Scheduling commenting - +
Sending tweets + +
Scheduling Tweets + +
Sending direct Twitter messages - +
Retweeting + +
Twitter replies - +
Best time to tweet report - -
Updating Facebook statuses, posting pictures + +
Sharing + +
Facebook 'likes' - +
Posting to Facebook business pages + +
Scheduling Facebook posts + +
Unlimited number of posts to schedule + +
Sending private messages - +
Sending messages from a Facebook business page + +
Google +
Google+ personal profile posting + +
Google+ Pages pages management - +
+1s - +
Posting replies - +
Scheduling posts + +
Scheduling replies - +
Posting status updates + +
Liking and sharing posts - +
Scheduling posts + +
Comment posting - +
Direct messages - +
Commenting - +
Video 'likes' and 'dislikes' - +
Posting video to a YouTube channel - +
Scheduling posting videos and comments - +
Keep track of your subscribers list - +
Competition analysis - +
SMM reports - +

It is clearly seen from the table above, BuzzBundle is a multifunctional SMM platform. In addition to all the features you'll find in Buffer, BuzzBundle will also let you:

  • Monitor your website or brand reputation on the Web;
  • Analyze competition landscape and the current SMM trends;
  • Take full control over your social media correspondence;
  • Interact with your audience;
  • Build large and dedicated following;
  • And dozens more.

On top of that, BuzzBundle will be of great help not only for one's personal SMM needs, but also for corporate accounts management and professional SMM. The tool lets you effectively manage multiple communities and build solid brand awareness in the marketplace.

Get your hands on the most effective SMM software and build a solid business presence on each and every social media source!